Friday, December 10, 2010

Our present day educators

Came across this email message to FreeMalaysia Today by one Clarence Kesak. The remarks made are certainly worth noting :

You can count how 'professional' our teachers are by their lack of moral education. Blame it on the Education Ministry who select these teachers during interviews where the criteria is based on race and religion rather than on merit.

In the end the whole generation suffers simply because the quality of our teachers are sub-standard.

A doctor makes mistake and may lose one patient but a stupid teacher taints a whole generation.

[In the sixties, we looked up to our teachers for their guidance and brilliance. Even long after we have left school, we still remember them and kept in touch through our re-unions. But can we say we feel the same for our present crop of so-called educators today? The day my kids left school, one thing they said was, "Good riddance to bad rubbish!" The school my children went to was my alma mater. So how could it be bad? But then, times have changed. As a former member of the school's Board of Governors, I could see the changes taking place and it was not encouraging at all].

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