Monday, January 3, 2011

Last week it was Teo Nie Ching. Now it is Hannah Yeoh, this time from GERAKAN!

It is already a common knowledge that GERAKAN, just like PPP, MIC, MCA, and all the rest of the kucing-kurat parties in the BN are nothing but losers, big time! After the failed attempt in running down Teo Nie Ching, this time it is our ADUN for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh. She is pregnant and is expecting her first child this year. A happy occasion like this could even prompt GERAKAN Tan Keng Liang to make uncalled-for comments. The party simply have no more issues to raise against Pakatan, so this wee bit of news is better than no news like questioning the effectiveness of Hannah as a ADUN during her pregnancy period. DUMMKOPF!!!!

To Hannah, CONGRATULATIONS and we will be rooting for you and the baby!

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok has demanded an apology from Gerakan leader Tan Keng Liang for making “snide and sexist remarks” that Subang Jaya assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh would be unfit to serve because she was going on maternity leave soon.

“I urge Tan to apologise to Hannah and all women unreservedly for his ignorance and to educate himself on gender equality. I would gladly sponsor Tan Keng Liang’s gender equality training by any one of the women’s NGOs in Malaysia,” Teresa said in a statement.

“He had better remember that women make up 49% of Malaysia’s population. Should he aspire to be an elected representative, he has the moral duty to serve male and female constituents equally and without prejudice.”

Weekend ruckus on Twitter

The 30-year old Hannah (pictured with husband Ramachandran) is expecting her first child. She is now 4 months pregnant.

On Sunday, the hapless Tan – a Youth leader from Kedah – had stirred up a ruckus on Twitter with his post:

“Would u choose @jezlai or @hannahyeoh which will be on maternity leave soon (as the ADUN for Subang Jaya in the upcoming elections)?”

Tan was referring to MCA's Beliawanis leader Jessica Lai. He tried to wriggle out of trouble when he was slammed left and right by other Twitter followers. Sadly for him, his reply only made things worse.

“I imply you may not be able to service [the] area during maternity leave, which you are entitled. Anyway, congrat welcoming your baby,” said Tan.

Behind-the-times Gerakan

Needless to say, his comments drew a further storm of criticism from all who caught it – especially women groups.

“His remarks are an insult to women and mothers everywhere and most disgraceful coming from a Gerakan leader at that.
Despite having been told off by dozens of Malaysians on Twitter, Tan remains pigheaded and continues to defend his statement, which is telling of how intensely chauvinistic he is towards women,” said Teresa.

As younger and more net-savvy Malaysians fill the political arena, Twitter and Facebook have become indispensable tools of communication for them.

However, not all enjoy the same success. Boo-boos such as Tan’s will surely work against him and most of all his Gerakan party, which already suffers from an image of being behind-the-times in both political agenda and social thinking.

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