Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now, legally who is the Chief Executive of a state?

There is something dangerous happening in Malaysia and it must be repulsed by all Malaysians who believe that the Federal Constitution is a sacred document worth protecting with their lives.

There appears to be an insidious attempt by some people to widen the scope of the Malays Rulers beyond their standing as our constitutional monarchs.

Reading the statement by the Sultan of Selangor's private secretary which was published by The Malaysian Insider today, one line caught my attention. The private secretary said that "as the chief executive of the state government". Whoa. Repeat that again. "As the chief executive of the state government".

When did the His Highness become the chief executive? The Federal Constitution spells out clearly the role of the monarchy. And so do the state constitutions.

The King is the constitutional monarch and the Prime Minister is the chief executive. At state level, the sultan is the constitutional head of state and the mentri besar is the chief executive.

Both the PM and the MB are elected by the rakyat . The rulers are not. If Umno and its lackeys which included the impotent press agree with the assertion of the Sultan of Selangor's secretary that the ruler is the chief executive, then they must also agree that the King is the CEO of Malaysia and Najib Razak has to submit to him in all areas.

If effect, they must agree that Malaysia is an absolute monarchy. I would be interested to know Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's view on this expansion of power by the royalty.

I do sincerely hope that we are not seeing a return of the situation in Perak where the ends justified the means. I mean in that case we saw the royalty play an unusual role and legal precedents established by respected jurists turned into legal rojak by mediocre Umno lawyers.

In Selangor, there seems to be a move to expand the powers of the Selangor ruler far beyond what is laid down in law. With due respect, this cannot be allowed.

Reading the letter by lawyer Tommy Thomas, it seems entirely credible that any appointment of a state secretary should be made by the Public Service Commission but in consultation with the Mentri Besar.

No where is there any mention of a role for the Sultan. But I suppose the Umno chaps don't care. Win at any cost. Just like in Perak.

[Source: Othman Wahab/The Malaysian Insider]

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  1. UMNO cosiness towards the Sultans are for their own selfish objectives. To hold onto POWER at all cost including ..."crushed bodies", "lost lives" and "ethnic cleansing".

    UMNO knows that they can't fool the Urban & Semi-Urban Melayu who have easy access to Alternative Media'.