Saturday, January 8, 2011

What?? PERKASA to host a 'Woodstock'. Oh puhleeeezz....

Came across this write-up from blogger 'Malaysia Must Know The Truth' and I personally felt such an affront to people of my generation who was there during the Woodstock era. First and foremost, I wonder whether they understand the significance of Woodstock. It was an event to promote peace and love. PERKASA is an anti-thesis to what Woodstock stands for. They promote hate and racial prejudice.

The UMNO funded racist wing of morons aka Perkasa is really desperate to be actively back with main-stream BN that they would go to great lengths to suck-up and be noticed as truly UMNO friendly.( here )

Tell me now. What is never political about Perkasa or even UMNO ? Everything IS ! So now they want to gather 15,000 scums of society or "mat rempits"into a stadium for 2 days and call it "Woodstock" ! Get original la please ! Woodstock 69 was for real man....not for kids, fakes and crooked politicians !

No sex, no cigarettes,no drugs and no music and no motor-bikes ! Yikes !!!...and you think you can keep those "mat rempits" inside a stadium for 2 hours, not 2 days without any of those ? They'll start screaming and tearing at their t-shirts and chew on the stadium seats, man.....and then of course they'll start "snatching" each others bags and wallets in musical chair fashion, yes ?

But I'm still wondering why the deputy chief of UMNO Youth, Razali Ibrahim, stressed these youths were not being paid any money to attend ?
Smelly already ?

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