Monday, April 18, 2011

Who actually won the Sarawak polls?

Who has won the election?
By votes count per total seats (71) PR has won!!

Total votes caste:672,667

1. BN
No of seats won: 55
Votes : 372,379
Ratio of votes per total 71 seat = 5244.77 votes

2. PR
No of seats won: 15
Votes : 277,329
Ratio of votes per total 71 seat =18,488.6 votes

BN garnered only 5244.77 voter per seat.
PR garnered 18,488.6 votes

PR has won!
Congrtulations to PR.

BUT IN REALITY, BN/PBB/TAIB won PR has lost. Why?

Taib's Chinese Chess strategy:
Long time ago Taib Mahmud regime had redrawn the political constituency landscape of Sarawak in his (PBB) favor such as a typical example is Pending (N10) 29,488 voters with large Chinese electorate and on the other hand Lingga (N23) 7,745 voters with small electorate but with Melanu/Melay majority.
In figure: N10: 1:29,488
N23: 1:7,745
Therefore, the truth and effective tool are obvious: manipulation of the number of voters per seat (constituency) base on racial card.
[Source: MI]

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