Sunday, April 17, 2011

It was an election made to win by the BN

As the dust slowly settle down, politicians on both sides of the political divide must now be busy figuring out the outcome of the election results to decide on their next move. But be as it may, it was one heck of a state election not to be forgotten for a long while. The BN was there with all their machineries at their disposal and the Opposition with their limited resources, had to find ways and means to meet the people. Just to reflect back what the Opposition was up against.

1. It was hand-out galore with RM1,000 to each longhouse and a few hundreds each to the individual occupant. If this is not bribery, I wonder what is the alternate term for it.
2. Local municipal harassment before the start of each Opposition ceramah as they tried to find faults with the organiser even to the specifications and location of the stage for the speakers.
3. Ceramah permits were issued to the Opposition to be held next to a BN candidate who not only had political speakers but guest singers with their speakers blasting away to drown the Opposition.
4. If well known musical entertainers were not enough, they even brought in Umi Hafilda with her sordid story of Anwar.
5. All the msm were having a field day reporting on BN candidates but far in between of the Opposition. Even if they do, they will be mentioned in brief some where in the inner pages of the tabloid.
6. Postal votes by the thousands were just dumped in, so much so that it brought DAP Alice Lau contesting in Bawang Assan constituency to tears. But then despite the injection of 3,000 postal votes, the BN still lost the Kota Sentosa seat.
7. Four NGOs from Semenanjung were denied entry into Sarawak.
8. Muhyiddin's helicopter crashed and the pilot died. Come to think of it, does the BN own any chopper or does it belong to the rakyat? So the Opposition have to make do with the best they could to find transport to the interior while the BN travel with ease.
9. Petrol, according to Shah Alam MP YB Khalid Samad, was denied to the Opposition to travel to the interior. He later remarked that he was like on some kind of TV "Amazing Race" adventure program.
10. Longhouses were threatened to vote for the BN with KEMAS officials watching over them to make sure they do.
11. A BN representative was seen entering a polling station in Satok which consequently caused scuffle with the Opposition.

12. The Returning Officer refused the Opposition copies of Borang 14 (which states the number of voters and votes at each station) in Asajaya and Tedelu. The Opposition is thus deprived the opportunity to cross check and tally the votes.
13. The "timeliness" of the sex video was screened just before the start of the 14-day campaign.

In any election, the odds are definitely stacked against Pakatan - UMNO, MCA, PBB, SUPP, Maybank, Utusan Malaysia, NST, The Star, Berita Harian, PDRM, Election Commission, Pos Malaysia, AirAsia, Immigration, and everything they could think of, er ... including Tupperware parties.

But despite the humongous obstacles the Opposition had to put up with, they still managed to garner 15 seats with a popular vote of a respectable 45%. The BN's popular vote dropped from 63% to 55% . DAP doubled their efforts from 6 to 12 seats and PKR tripled theirs from 1 to 3. Small no doubt, but an increase is still an increase and in the process, this has finally put paid to the SUPP President, George Chan who lost the Piasau seat.

After all the dirty tricks he and Taib could find in the book to win this election, Najib has the gall to say that this election was the most difficult to win with big majorities due to the online media. Can you BELIEVE this man?????? Read here.

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