Sunday, June 12, 2011

Najib, all you have to do is just say "Yes"

It looks like Prime Minister Najib Razak has made his decision. Instead of heeding calls to clean up his act, the scandal-plagued PM is digging in and furiously gathering 'dark' forces within his UMNO party to thwart a massive rally for free and fair elections in the country. He has already started to muster the resources of Utusan, and Ibrahim Ali who said that he and his Perkasa members will also be there on that day to confront Bersih and are ready for any eventuality.

In fact, Najib does not need to press the panic button as it is just merely a peaceful demonstration where the rakyat is asking for a free and fair election in view of the pending GE13. All Najib has to do is just to say "Yes" to the following, and he is home free.

1. Allow automatic voter registration for those at age of 21. YES.
2. Agree to reforms to the postal voting system for out-of-town voters. YES.
3. Use of indelible ink to avoid repeat voting. YES.
4. Access to the msm for opposition parties. YES.
5. Agree to a minimum campaign period of 21 days. YES.
6. Independence of enforcement bodies on election offences. YES.
7. Stamping out electoral graft. YES.

See, the rakyat is not asking for the moon. It is so simple. All that is needed is one magical word to the seven demands, and the act will set him free. With that there is no need for a 'high noon' a'la Gary Cooper on July 9.

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