Sunday, July 10, 2011

The FaceBook Generation

Najib may have Hishamuddin, who in turn may have the IGP who under his command, have his men to do his bidding. Yet on July 9, all of them failed miserably to dampen the spirits of the protesters who comprised many from the FaceBook generation. These were the well-informed youths of today who were spontaneous and knew exactly what was to be expected from them. If UMNO thinks that the Malays still possess the kampong mentality, they were dead wrong. So, the police might have their truncheons, steel helmets, water laced with chemical and tear gas canisters, but the youths have something the police could not match - Blackberry, Iphone4, Samsung Galaxy and a host of today's communication tools that would make the police force look obsolete.

During the demonstration, they could be seen twittering, SMSing or Emailing to one another, using the tools in their possession to outsmart the police. Besides this, how else could you explain that despite the heavy road blocks placed at all entry points into the city manned by heavy police presence, thousands of them were still able to bypass the police checkpoints to be there on July 9 to show the authorities what they were capable of. Even if it was true what the IGP said that only 6,000 people took part in the demonstration, then how did these 6,000 slip through? If only he knew that there were already 'spies' monitoring from within keeping those outside informed, like, the safest route to take to get into the city. UMNO, run by senior citizens who are less tech savvy, need to re-think their strategies to stay informed.

No groups was able to match what BERSIH 2.0 did, bringing people from all races, ages, religions, genders and even the physically challenged together for one momentous moment. Viva la FaceBook people! Furthermore, no group was able to match BERSIH 2.0 in its international reach that took, even UMNO, by surprise. It is therefore quite apparent that PERKASA and UMNO Youth paled in comparison to the organisational ability of BERSIH 2.0.

To all those participated, thank you for your courage and conviction. You have shown that you are capable to be an agent of change without even resorting to violence.

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