Sunday, July 10, 2011

The late Baharudin Ahmad, a casualty of the July 9 protest

We must hold the government responsible for the death of a fellow Malaysian.

One amongst us at the Bersih 2.0 died. Baharudin Ahmad, the husband of PKR Setiawangsa leader Kak Rosni. He died when he fell during a scuffle with the police at the KLCC on Saturday.

And the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the IGP must be held answerable.

For as long as one amongst us Malaysians died owing to police brutality and aggression, in our walk together for justice, justice must be sought. The credo is: For as long as the powers that be have done it to one of us, they have done it to all of us.

Was it not the PM, his deputy and the Home Minister who said that they have empowered the IGP to do whatever he deems fit against the citizens of Malaysia walking for their rights as enshrined in the Constitution?

Yes. That is what they said and did as they said. And so this un-called for death amongst us must not be in vain; more so, when we lost a life in our struggles for justice, democracy and civil liberties.

Had the government respected the Constitutional Monarch and also not reneged on its promise we would have not lost a life – let alone all the injuries, pain and agony inflicted in a premeditated fashion by the police.

Had the government honored the advice of SUHAKAM we would have had a glorious day showing the world today of the beauty of a truly democratic nation and not having to lose a life.

Had the government respected and abided by the world’s call to respect citizens’ right to peaceful assembly, we would not have lost a brother in that march of solidarity to make the world a better place for all Malaysians.

But this bullying, paranoid and disrespectful government in its obliteration of its citizens in favor of protecting all those with vested interest within its own political fold has contributed in no uncertain terms the death of a Malaysian who volunteered to soldier on for the love of his King and nation.

Hence, we must not let this one death pass away so easily. Malaysians must protect Malaysians. With the bereaved family we must walk hand in hand till justice is done.

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