Sunday, July 31, 2011

Najib: Again "Lu tolong saya, saya tolong lu"?

Datuk Seri Najib Razak offered a deal to the Indian community today. He said the Barisan Nasional (BN) government will bring them to the “mainstream of development” if they support the MIC.

And he named MIC president Datuk G. Palanivel as a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, bloating the Cabinet that he promised would be lean when he took office in April 2009.

But it’s the prime minister’s right to name anyone to his Cabinet if he feels like it. We have no quarrel with that although that will bump up the emoluments bill at a time when government expenditure is far outstripping revenue.

What is striking is the brazen quid pro quo that Najib proposed today. Indians deserve or for that matter Malays or Chinese or any Malaysians deserve help without any strings attached.

This sounds like the Sibu deal in May 2010 during the by-election campaign. The one captured and uploaded on Youtube that sounded like a bribe although the Election Commission (EC) ignored the thought.

Here’s the rub. MIC doesn’t represent all the 1.9 million Indians in Malaysia. After all, Indians lead and support other parties such as the DAP, PSM, PKR, PPP and Gerakan.

So, if it can’t deliver the Indian vote, will BN punish the Indians by keeping them away from development? Is that fair? Is it because they are a minority?

Shouldn’t the BN ask if MIC is credible enough to win the Indian vote without resorting to a blackmail of sorts.

A leader of all Malaysians will always endeavour to uplift the standard of living of citizens and bring everyone to mainstream of development, without any strings attached.

If the ruling coalition isn’t up to the job, it should give way to those who can. The Indian Malaysians are citizens just like others.

They don’t need to use the stick to get the Indians to vote for BN. Or the carrot. The ruling coalition should work to develop and help generate prosperity for everyone in Malaysia. Otherwise, step down and let a government for all rule Malaysia.

[Source: MI]

Why can't parties like MIC, MCA, PPP, PBS, etc bring themselves to admit that the cause of their downfall is due to UMNO's wrong doings. Every time when UMNO and its agents like Utusan and Perkasa, start their racial and religious rhetorics, the credibility of the BN component parties drop another rung down the ladder. Analogically, I can see the leaders crossing a bridge built by UMNO. But due to the poor maintenance, the bridge collapsed with these leaders falling into the surging river. Gasping for breath and fighting for their lives, they reached out their hands to Najib to save them, and what do you know. He told them, "You help me, I'll help you, okay?" The question the leaders asked would be, "How?" So coming back to today's article, I wonder how is MIC going to deliver the Indian votes when so much damages have been inflicted upon them, no thanks to UMNO. Remember, the "Interlok" book issue has yet to be resolved. So by awarding Datuk G Palanival a ministerial post, Najib is his own make believe world, is anticipating a flood of Indian votes coming back to the BN. This is the same MO he used on the Christians. By being buddy with the Pope, he thinks he already has the Christian votes in his pocket. He will be in for a rude awakening come GE13.

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