Friday, September 16, 2011

Pakatan leaders in the crosshair of UMNO politics

Ever since Pakatan made substantial gains in the 2008 GE, there was no let up on UMNO's part in their unrelentless pursuit in bringing down the opposition especially in states administered by the latter. Out of the five states, UMNO successfully regained Perak through dubious means. Lim Guan Eng was next in the firing line with one attack after another but the attempt so far has been futile. Now they are gunning for Selangor, the cash cow for UMNO, in the DUMC issue in which Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has been accused of Chritianisation of the state. Simultaneously, they launched a broadside attack on Mat Sabu of PAS on branding him of being a communist "sympathiser". More attacks are expected in the days to come and the Opposition must weather these onslaughts till the coming GE, and so far so good despite the loss of Perak state. UMNO must send its sniper teams for more shooting lessons as the results are certainly less than satisfactory.

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