Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lynas and the people of Gebeng.

I have just returned from Kuantan after a 2-day training assignment and the talk of the town was none other than LYNAS. Although the people were going about quietly attending to their daily chores but deep inside there was this humongous resentment about the rare earth plant located in Gebeng. From what I have gathered from the residents, such resentment was building day by day. The usual remarks were "If the MB is so sure that the plant is safe, why doesn't he move his residence to Gebeng and stay there?" or "Why is Najib's visit to Pekan becoming less and less?" It is to be noted that should there be a leak, the radiation could have a reach of 30 km radius.

All the same, here is a video clip to help you understand Lynas' reason for locating its plant in Gebeng, how rare earth is being processed and how it will affect the community.

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