Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pakatan will bankrupt the country but Idris Jala said otherwise

The following is an extract from the Malaysia Chronicle which appeared in its news report on October 16 2011:

Muhyiddin said the opposition was only good at making empty promises. He pointed out that when Prime Minister Najib Razak tabled the 2012 Budget, he had promised to retain the country's deficit at 4.7 per cent of Gross Domestic Product. Yet Pakatan de-facto chief Anwar Ibrahim made a mockery of it.

"The shadow budget by the opposition shows its expenditure, purportedly for the people, but it does not take into account the deficit. If the deficit goes up to 10 per cent, it means the country is not managed well," Bernama reported Muhyiddin as saying a day ago.

Following this report, PKR Chua Jui Meng refuted the claim and said that UMNO was the one who was more likely to bankrupt the country rather than Pakatan. Muhyiddin surely has a short memory. Didn't Idris Jala said that if the government does not take stock of its debts, the country will go bankrupt by 2019? See full report here. Knowing that we will be undergoing such calamity, do we still want to vote for UMNO to run the country for another five years? Naaaah!

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