Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hasan Ali, the thorn in Pakatan's side

Mark my words. This is the man who in most likelihood will bring down the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Selangor. Hasan Ali, who is in charge of Islamic Affairs in the state exco has once again re-ignited his "hate Christians" stance by coming out with a ridiculous accusation that Christians are now using solar operated gadgets to convert Muslims in the country. With barely 10% of the population who are Christians, this dysfunctional Muslim chap is already going bonkers. What if the Christian population is, say 20%. I dread to think what he would do to the community. But looking at the issue with a positive note, at least, the Christians are way ahead technologically and not mentally regressive as this fella.

Sometimes I wonder what he does in the state government besides looking for bones to pick with the Christians. Instead of accusing Christians for providing welfare aid to poor Muslims, he could have been more productive by:

1. Exploring ways to help the Muslim destitute, providing them food, clothing and shelter.
2. Comforting the sick, more so the terminally illed at hospitals and hospice homes.
3. Extend welfare aid to single mothers or wives abused by husbands.
4. Initiate special programmes to help the poor children in schools.
5. Regular checks on mosques and suraus to ensure the environment continues to be conducive for prayers, and finally, but most importantly,
6. Be engaged in inter-faith dialogues with people of other faiths.

These are some of the things he could have done that would be worthwhile the tax payers money. If he has so much hate in his heart for the Christians, it is no mere wonder he has little or no time to carry out his tasks proper as listed in his "job description", forget about meeting his KPI.

If he is so concerned about Christians proselytising to Muslims, then what about the case in Sarawak where innocent little children were stealthy taught Islamic teachings? Read HERE and HERE. So what we would like to know are his plans in helping to alleviate the sufferings of the poor Muslims in the State or is he just there, wasting his time our money, finding faults with others.

It is my fervent hope that Tan Sri Khalid will do something about this chap as otherwise the downfall of the Pakatan state government in Selangor is inevitable. Let's face it, Hasan Ali has broken ranks with the party, and it's time he goes, for good!

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