Friday, November 25, 2011

Meet Wong Nai Chee, the new political secretary to Najib

Former Kota Melaka MP Wong Nai Chee has confirmed he has been appointed as political secretary to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, the MCA youth central committee member said his appointment will be effective from December. Wong said this is a new challenge for him and that he will take the chance to serve the country. He also said he will help to convey the concerns of the Chinese community to the prime minister without hiding anything or reporting only the good news. "We must stick to the principle of society fairness. I will disappoint the prime minister if I passed the wrong messages to him," he said. However, he also noted that many Chinese associations and NGOs can play the role to communicate with the prime minister directly. Asked if his political background would give the impression that MCA had placed him into the position for purely political purposes, Wong said such a perception could not be avoided, but stressed that his responsibility was to serve the country. Wong said also that MCA had not give him any "special mission", as his duty would be up to the prime minister. The 42-year old lawyer joined MCA briefly before the 2004 general election, defeating then-DAP secretary-general Kerk Kim Hock. He was deemed a rising star in MCA until his loss to DAP’s Sim Tong Him in the 2008 general election. He resigned as MCA central committee member in the fallout following the party crisis of 2010.

[Source: Mkini]


I am quite perplexed when Wong said that he would "help to convey the concerns of the Chinese community to the prime minister without hiding anything or reporting only the good news". As an MCA member, what is it he could do that MCA has not already done? Are we saying by being appointed as the political secretary, he becomes more powerful than MCA itself. Or for that matter, Chua Soi Lek? After Matthias Chang, this will be just another flop, all show but no substance, and I don't believe the Chinese are going to buy this sandiwara again. In fact, Najib does not need to waste money creating such a post. All he needs to do is to read up the many comments made by readers in the various news portals and he would already got a fair idea of what the community wants. So is Wong to going convey concerns such as:

1. Quota for Chinese students into public universities?
2. Meritocracy?
3. Serving in the civil service and the military with equal opportunities for promotions.
4. Will we ever get to see more Chinese judges on the bench?
5. Will we ever get to stop subsidising bumiputras on property purchases?
6. Will we (the Chinese Christian community) be allowed to use the word "Allah"?
7. Will we be given more space to build churches and temples?
8. Many Chinese parents would like to send their children to schools that are fully taught in English [not necessarily Mandarin]. Will this be addressed?

In other words, can UMNO practise FAIRNESS?

In fact, Najib could have appointed someone "neutral" to the post, such as a person from either the Chinese trade associations, education body or even the clan associations. This would have rendered a distinct credibility to the appointment. Wong Nai Chee, an MCA member, naaaaah!

Short of the above expressed concerns, it would be better for Najib not to waste anymore of the tax payer's money. Enough is enough.

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