Friday, January 13, 2012

Chinese New Year "Ang Pow" to Jalan Sultan landowners

The Land and Mines Department has issued an ultimatum to Jalan Sultan landowners - reach an agreement with MRT Corp by Jan 30 or lose your land.

This was revealed by the chairperson of the Committee for the Preservation of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan, Yong Yew Wei yesterday.

NONESpeaking at an urgent briefing with the affected landowners last night, Yong said the letter, dated Jan 4, was sent to his office "only yesterday".

In the letter, the Federal Land and Mines Department director-general (DG) Azemi Kasim warned that the department can invoke the 1960 Land Acquisition Act to acquire land along Jalan Sultan for the MRT project.

NONE"If the 'mutual agreement' is not signed by Jan 30, the department will proceed with the process of land acquisition," the letter reads.

This, Yong (right) said, is a "Chinese New Year gift" for the Jalan Sultan landowners.

"How many days left before the deadline? Chinese New Year is coming soon, and the landowners will have a sleepless Chinese New Year," he lamented.

He has also learnt that the Klang Bus Station, located at Jalan Sultan, will also be demolished during the festive period.

"This is the best time to demolish it - when the people are leaving town."

Raise black protest flags

However, he urged the landowners not to give up and continue to fight even if it needs to be taken to court.

Yong said he will be writing a reply to the Land Department to explain three issues.

NONEOne of which is to ask the department to clear the air over the contradictory statement of MRT Corp earlier, which said that the land at Jalan Sultan will not be acquired.

The briefing was attended by about 50 affected landowners, included those from Jalan Sultan, Jalan Bukit Bintang, TTDI and Gombak.

A representative from Kampung Bandar Dalam in Gombak proposed that all Kuala Lumpur citizens hoist black flags on Federal Territory Day on Feb 1 as a sign of protest against the MRT project.

The suggestion drew a big round of applause from the floor.

"Let us raise black flags in the whole of KL. We can write some protest wordings on the flag - in all languages," said Ishak Surin, who is also the PAS commissioner for the Batu division.

Commenting on this, Yong later told reporters that it was a good idea and the KL citizens should also wear black shirts and shoes on that symbolic day to mark their anger.
He reiterated that the committee is not opposing development or the MRT project, but wish to have another alternative route, which runs underneath Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Jalan Pudu.

He said the alternative route will avoid any demolition of historical and cultural buildings.

Jalan Sultan not for Chinese community alone

Also speaking in the same event, heritage and history researcher Teoh Chee Keong pointed out that the importance of Jalan Sultan is not for the Chinese community alone but also for the nation.

“Jalan Sultan is not only the history of Chinese community and business, but the history of Malaysia...

“I don’t agree with the authority naming the area as Chinatown. Actually there were Malay and Indian communities staying there,” Teoh said.

The committee hopes to meet with people in other affected areas like Gombak, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Petalling Jaya Seksyen 16 and Cheras next week, and form a united coalition with a stronger voice to ask the government to change the MRT route.
[Source: Mikini]


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