Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's go a-lynching

I am a great fan of Western movies and have been so since the fifties when actors such as Randolph Scott, Audie Murphy, Stewart Granger, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood graced the silver screen.  Who can even forget Cary Cooper in 'High Noon'.  In recent times, we had Kevin Costner in "Silverado" and "Dances with Wolves".  There will always be the red Indians, you know tribes like Apache, Navajo, the Crow, Commanche, Cheyenne and of course, the Sioux, who would be seen attacking new settlers and after all is over, in comes the blue uniformed cavalry.  No Western movies would be complete without those good guys vs bad guys scenes, good guys being the sheriff of the town and the bad guys, the bad guys.

Now once a bad guy is caught and being locked up in the jail, a town council meeting would take place where everyone wants justice done, that is,  by lynching the poor fellow.  The sheriff would be there to deter the crowd and will repeatedly tell the noisy gathering, with the famous line, "Don't take the law into your own hands".  As the meeting progressed, the sheriff would lose control of the meeting and everyone in the room would turn into a mob, proceeded to the jail house to had the bad guy dragged out and lynched from the nearest tree.  There is no time to even build a proper gallow.

When Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz recently made a remark to hang Ambiga, it just conjured an image of a typical Western movie scene where the Parliament House was like a cowboy saloon and the MPs were there for a town house meeting.  In the heat of the debate, you had one fellow who stood up and shouted "Hang Ambiga!"  His fellow UMNO MPs, were just like the rest in the town house meeting, who cheered and supported him in a mob-liked manner.  Well, the good thing is, there was no hanging that day.

Mohd Aziz with members of his 'lynch' mob?
Well, the question before us is, have we descended to such a degressive state where an act such as hanging would even cross our mind?  What does it say about the intellectual state of our MPs?

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