Saturday, July 7, 2012

A tribute to Malaysia's greatest musician - Paul Ponnudorai

Paul will always remind me of the contestant with the babyface look who appeared on the Bakat TV show in the early 70s.  After participating in the contest, he disappeared and was never heard of until the late 70s or early 80s when he started making the pub circuit.  During his many performances, I couldn't help but associate him with another local great, the late Terry Thadeuss, but then Terry was more into the heavy stuff while Paul's leanings were inclined towards unplugged pieces.  His audience was definitely captivated by his singing and guitar playing style which is so much Jose Feliciano-ish.

Read the rest, as it appeared in The Star today ...

Legendary Malaysian guitarist Paul Ponnudorai, 51, died early Saturday morning because of organ failure due to a latent infection.
Once described by Time magazine as “quite possibly the greatest musical interpreter of our time”, the Ipoh-born guitarist came to prominence in the 1980s as a sought-after club performer.

He has backed up a variety of local artists in the last three decades, including Sheila Majid and Sudirman, as well as played with a wide range of foreign stars such as Billy Cobham and Wynton Marsalis.

Right on Time, Ponnudorai's first album (of mostly covers but with a couple of originals), was released in 2005.

The guitarist's music ability was across the board and he was able to shine in all genres - from blues and rock to jazz and bluegrass and pop.

He was widely known in the regional live music scene and a highly respected performer.

The wake will be held Saturday from 2pm onwards at the Gui Yin Funeral Parlour at Jln 222, Petaling Jaya. The funeral is scheduled for Monday.

Ponnudorai leaves behind his 91-year-old mother Kamalam, four brothers, three sisters, nieces, nephews and a host of fans.

RIP Paul.  You will never be forgotten.

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  1. there is only one Paul..RIP legend...tq for your music