Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pork, ham or bacon, it is okay with the Chinese

I just cannot understand these demonstrators, especially those linked to UMNO or pro-UMNO NGOs.  Why is it whenever they hold a protest especially against any Chinese member of the Opposition parties, they have a tendency of displaying banners that carry the words "Makan Babi" or "Cina Babi" printed on them, or making verbal abuses using the same two words.  Little did their little minds know that, actually, the Chinese don't feel insulted, not at all, as pork happens to be a food enjoyed by them.  The same can be said about the Europeans who enjoy eating ham or bacon.

However, it will only become an insult to a Muslim should the two words be directed at them because such a meat is considered "haram".  Imagine Najib is visiting one of the constituents which is predominantly Chinese.  As he arrives, there is a group of demonstrators with banners telling Najib to "Makan babi".  Now that is insensitive and insulting. The same goes to our Hindu friends should I insult them by saying "Makan lembu".

Sometimes, it is better for them to look like fools than to open their mouths and have all doubts removed.

These fellas need better copywriters for their banners

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