Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Save Selangor? From what????

When I read this news report in the Malaysiakini, I almost had a fit.  Perkasa want to save Selangor and a gathering to this effect will be held on April 6.  The question is, save Selangor from what?  Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his team has been doing a fine job, despite all the constraints posed by the federal government, for the last five years, that I believe we, all right thinking Selangorians [or Penangites] should be thinking about saving Selangor [or Penang] from the likes of Perkasa and BN instead.  Haven't they done enough damage to the state coffers during the time they were managing the state?

Malaysians, do your duty at the ballot box.  Both states worked hard to create that kind of surplus which we have never seen before and we are not about to let those grubby hands of the BN to siphon them away.

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