Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Great Bible Soccer Tournament

In view of the present craze over the World Cup, I have, therefore, taken the liberty to present to you our current Bible crisis using the game as an analogy.


  1. Geromino,it is time that the rulers,politicians or people who are responsible for appointing or hiring those stupid goons in Jais or Mais earn their keeps.Hire somebody who is responsible and knows their job.Not some stupid religious fanatics or assholes who doesn't know the difference between a donkey or a mule.

  2. maestro's worse nightmare.June 21, 2014 at 10:10 PM

    What is so special about these religious departments that they are above the law.Who is paying their salaries? Ridzuan Tee? It is time to disband these Mais and Jais and also ask Ridzuan to go play with himself and shiok sendiri.

  3. Thank Bruno and Maestro's Worse Nightmare, I really appreciate your sentiments on the matter, but as you know those fellows in JAIS and MAIS were put there by UMNO Baru to oversee religious matters in the state. My personal take is that, although the Sultan is the head of Islam in the country, the strings are still being pulled by UMNO Baru. We will need to do something come GE14. Right now, it is almost like soccer game with the Bibles being kicked around like a football from one party to another.