Sunday, June 15, 2014

MAIS, JAIS, are you people out of your mind?

What's with these people from MAIS and JAIS anyway? Now they are contemplating on 'disposing' the seized Bibles from the Bible Society of Malaysia. How is it to be done, has yet to be made known. Are they going to get Ibrahim Ali to reignite his aborted 'Burn the Bible' campaign? Will the Bibles be sent to the public incinerator? Or will they end up, flushed down the toilet bowl? As far as I can see, madness seems to be affecting the minds of these people and to think of 'disposing' holy books in whatever manner other than to return them to the rightful owner, is an abomination that no religion would ever contemplate.

If they are so against the Christians for using the word 'Allah', then they should also look into the holy book of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib, where the word 'Allah' appeared numerous times. Are they going to start raiding all the Gurdwaras in the country and confiscate all their holy books. Oh, by the way, I hope they are not contemplating on the banning of the word 'Guru' as well which is the first word of the Sikh holy book. So all I can say is that by going after the Christians, it tantamounts to outright selective persecution.

The word 'Allah' in Sikhism appear on the top left hand corner.

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