Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The times, they are a-changin'

This is a plaque hung outside on the wall of our Church, St Francis of Assisi or Gethsemane in Cheras.

Back then political leaders supported and helped Christians to develop the Church.
Today, they torched them.
And that is the tragic fact.


  1. Geromino,during my schooldays,our friends Malays,Chinese,Indians joined our Christian friends for midnight mass.Whether it is Hari Raya,Chinese New Year,Christmas or Deepavalli the friends are always together celebrating.

    Today,Malaysia with its leaders stressing on racial and religious disunity,with religious cowboys,criminals and foreign kidnappers running loose,the country is heading into the direction of another Iraq.It will not surprise me if the US will take a look and see if the reserves of black gold is worth venturing in being ......

  2. the cuckoo guy who know'sJune 19, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    All this shit is happening because Malaysia is fucked up by corrupted Umnoputras.

  3. Agreed. Small-minded petty tyrants and misguided defenders of the faith seem to think they have a monopoly on religion.
    But look on the bright side. The Church has another opportunity to get the spelling of 'officially' right!

  4. Thank you Bruno, "the cuckoo guy who knows" and Mr Bojangles. What we are witnessing today is not so much of a battle of religions for there is none to begin with. It is all about POWER! When they shout race and religion, they are nothing but merely a ruse to cover their inferiority complex, showing the minorities in this country who is the boss. It is sad that our country is like a ship gone rudderless and a crew gone out of control. We can now only sit back and pray that sanity will prevail.