Friday, October 17, 2014

Something from the past

It is always around this time of the year that my Christmas preparations get underway, and it begins with the spring cleaning of my office as I operate from the home.  While going through some of the items in the boxes, I was so delighted to have found my senior scout epaulette, an old photo of me and my troop mates and a lapel which I used to wear in 1965 during my attachment with the 36th KL of the Cochrane Road Secondary School.  Forty nine years later, what a sight to behold, and to think they have been lost due to my moving my domicile six times since that year.


  1. Geronimo,looking back those were the good old days.Then there were no such problems with races,religions and bibles.

    Now,we even have sick puppies finding faults with the dogs.Sick,very very sick puppies.

    1. Bruno, looking back, we had the best of times in the 60s when even our thinking was globalised, and not ISLAMISED. Now, sadly, everything is going into the opposite direction. Worse still, they are even considering closing down vernacular schools.