Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A government holding a protest rally? This is real weird ....

You know what. This is the first time in the history of our country or for that matter in any country, that a government has to hold rallies to protest against the people who want an end to corruption and a demand for fair elections, from the same government.
Am I missing something here??????

And to lead the charge is none other than you know who from the UMNO government.  If this is not weird enough, he is even showing the ISIS one finger sign.  What they will do to get the attention.


  1. Geronimo,the red shirts came and vented their anger and frustrations and gone home more frustrated than ever.It is good that the gomen let them loose to vent their frustrations.We even have some of the organisers talking out loud that if one million protesters showed up then the protest will be a success.How many showed up?Just look at the number of out station buses.Just by looking at the number of buses,one would have figured out,maybe half a million?Well,the actual figure may be around eight to ten times smaller.

    Now,at least we know who are behind the protests.Umno,of course.But why the former Malacca CM Ali Rustam is one of the main culprits,I cannot understand.Did he not have accumulated enough to have a decent retirement,then to go through all this for handouts.

    The other Umno divisional and lower level operatives,down on their knees blowing batangs for handouts,I do understand.They needed the crumbs to survive.Like that moronic ikan bakar dude,who had been sucking Nor Omar's dick for so many years.Or else he will still be flopping burgers by the roadsides.

    At least we know that some of the Malays do not want to listen to Zahid and breached the police barricades.I think by now,Zahid should have known that hired goons do not always act according to the script.He was a player before.Like Mahathir always said,Malays (Malaysians) have poor memories.

  2. Jamal Yunos's hired goons wanted to enter Petaling Street.When they were refused entry by the men in blue,he said that he wanted to make a report against the vendors in Petaling Street.Make police reports for what?Is this Jamal Yunos so sick in the fucking head that he cannot think straight.Or is it because he has his fucking head stuck deep inside the camel's ass.

    1. Truly, the idiocy of this person. The shops were all closed in Petaling Street, so who are they complaining against, to the police? No traders were around to cause him any harm, except the possibility of the reverse was there had the police allow the whole gang to enter the place. A pure demonstration of hooliganism.

  3. Hi Bruno, they claimed it was to protect their 'maruah' which is nothing more than a smokescreen. The real reason is that they couldn't stomach the fact that Bersih managed to harness almost 500k of people for the latter's rally last month. So in a total 'kiasu' syndrome, they had to do something with a boast of 1 million participants. From yesterday's turnout, despite all the cash and freebies paid out, according to the police, only 35,000 were noted. But then one UMNO leader was proud to proclaim 250,000. This got one guy all riled up, the ikan bakar fella from Sekincang, who vowed to return to Petaling Street in the coming days to do 'visit' the place, whatever for I wonder.

    Anyway, now the rally is over, I feel that this may be only a temporary reprieve, and I fully agree with you that they must have gone home yesterday feeling frustrated for not having achieved whatever objective they had in mind.