Monday, September 14, 2015

The Red Shirts 'Maruah' rally, much ado over nothing?

I am trying hard to look at the positive side of things especially with the dawn of the Sept 16 rally by the Red Shirts. I may be wrong, but do correct me if I am, that nothing will come out of the Sept 16 gathering.
Basically, I look at it as nothing more than a 'kiasu' syndrome that they just simply want to outbeat Bersih 4.0 in numbers more than a 'save the Malay maruah' idea. If it was the latter, they should actually train the barrel of their guns at Najib because this fella is currently doing a good job in the 'maruah' area.
As much as a lot of sabre rattling have been going on for almost a week now, it will continue to be just that ..... more sabre rattling. The reasons being ...
1. If they had intended to start a riot and cause harm to members of the public, they would not have openly announce their intentions, and days ahead too.
2. By rioting, they may cause an international incident which Najib can ill afford. Would they know the difference between a Japanese, PRC Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino Chinese, Hongkies to a local Chinese? If one of them is affected, especially those from the PRC, the roof will just cave in onto these morons.
3. The riot would also cause more foreign investors to pull out of the country and invest elsewhere. Already, there are signs that many such companies have left Malaysia. How much more is the govt prepared to lose.
4. The ringgit is now at RM4.36 level. Any incident could cause the ringgit to drop sharply to even RM5.00 which is not impossible.
5. The Red Shirt sabre rattling, as far as I can see, is to send out a warning to Bersih 2.0 not to organise further rallies, in which Bersih 5.0 was talked about should Najib refused to step down.
6. Many Malays working in Chinese companies may even lose their jobs which at the moment is most unlikely. But would the Red Shirts want to take a chance?
7. Unlike May 13 (in which I was nearly killed, not by the Malays, but by the Chinese, but saved by the Malays), today's situation is a whole lot different as it involves a sizeable chunk of the Malay population on the side of right.
8. Unlike 1969, we are now globally connected, and you know what that means
If at all Najib does not want to step down due to the 1MDB scandal, we citizens can do our part by coming out in full force for GE14 to exercise our rights.
Short of the above, might as well stay indoor due to the haze.


  1. Let the red shirts rally all they want.If they can better the numbers of Bersih 4,so much the better.Maybe they will get 40k of red shirts or maybe only 4k.Let these suckers show off their silat skills and create chaos at the same time.See what good these good for nothing brainless suckers and ass lickers can achieve that the 500k Bersih 4 crowd cannot achieve.In the end all these protesting suckers will be discarded like garbage when they are no longer of any political use.I say let they go fuck themselves left,right,center and belakang.

  2. Geronimo,if PKR have their ways,the opposition will soon become a pact of four strange bedfellows.Also known in the sex circles as foursome.These fucking opposition leaders are behaving like headless chickens,jumping everywhere and getting to nowhere.A real fucking letdown to their supporters.These leaders are now showing their real hypocritical faces and are turning themselves into garbage bound vegetables.With these useless creeps as leaders of the opposition,come GE14 Najib will make mincemeat out of them.