Monday, April 6, 2009

Deputy Prime Minister II

Sometimes I find that habits die hard as far as the Barisan Nasional is concerned. To begin with, MCA has always been begging and not getting. What makes it this time that UMNO will accede to MCA's request for a DPMII post? They would have better chances praying to their dieties and asking them to grant them [MCA] a 4-D or 3-D win. I could see that the new DPM will not feel comfortable with a chinaman sitting next to him who appears to be smarter than him. Heaven forbids! If such a precedent is set, one can imagine Gerakan (which they have already done) asking for a DPMIII post, PPP asking for a DPMIV post and those fellas in East Malaysia will start demanding for DPMV, VI, VII, VIII, VIX and X posts after all our East Malaysian brothers will insist that they deserves such "promotion" as they were the ones who saved UMNO from total annihilation from last year's general election.
So my solution to the problem, just forget it. No way Jose is UMNO going to even consider this request. MCA will definitely presents itself as a threat to UMNO and its DPM as after this, the next promotion will be the prime minister of the country. Quite frankly, it will not even be in the KIV tray that's for sure.

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