Saturday, April 11, 2009

I told you so

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On April 6 2009, my blog read that there was no chance that MCA could have their wishes granted for having a Deputy Prime Minister II post given to them. The Sun, on April 7 2009, confirmed my statement of UMNO's "no way, jose" to MCA. If that was not bad, they claimed that MCA was weak and should not make such demand. What about UMNO itself? Aren't they equally weak after the March 8 2008 thrashing? And yet, being weakend by the opposition, how could they still occupy key positions in the cabinet? Oh, I forgot. It's UMNO we are talking about. To avoid embarassment, One Kee Teat has to apply the usual "the press has misquoted' excuse, and he went as far as that he never made such a request at all. When will they ever learn?

Although the federal constitution allows it and old man Mahathir said it's okay to have a non-malay as a prime minister, do you honestly think for one moment these goons in UMNO is going to allow it? Naaah!

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