Sunday, April 5, 2009

Najib's 1Malaysian or One Malaysia

Okay this is for my friends who have an elementary understanding of UMNO jargons whenever they used such statements when it finally dawned upon them that "Hey Brother. It's time we must stay and work together and not go on separate ways! Otherwise the country will split up. We can't have that happening can we?"' And voila .... 1Malaysian was born on 3rd (or is the 4th) of April 2009. But hold on a minute. Whenever these UMNO fellas start tinkering with the good feeling of 'unity', there must be something more than meets the eyes. Quite frankly, we must always look on the other side of the coin, so that we can see a different picture, in a holistic way, that is. So, 1Malaysian could mean .....

1. Demolish more Hindu temples so that the Indians will have no choice but to migrate back to India to be closer with their God.
2. Keep on denying the Chinese entries into local universities and colleges. More so, make sure they will not enjoy the privilege as a civil servant or rise up in the ranks in the military. Business permits will also be limited. The rightists in UMNO will make sure that all Chinese schools are closed, period. The Chinese will be so frustrated that many of them will start migrating to countries like China, Australia, Canada, USA and Europe. After all they are doing it since the seventies. So what UMNO has to do is simply to speed up the pace.
3. The natives of Sarawak and Sabah will have all the ancestral lands gobbled up and in due time, the Ibans, Bidayus, Kadazans, Dusuns, etc will just fade away through inter-racial marriages, just to stay alive.
4. The Negritos and the Senois in Peninsular Malaysia will continously be where they are, the jungle, so that they will not start a demonstration to claim that they are the prince of the soil [bumiputra].

So after accomplishing all the above, what do we have ..... VOILA!! 1MALAYSIAN!

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