Thursday, July 23, 2009

Much ado about the MACC officers

Eversince the unfortunate death of Teoh Beng Hock, I have been thinking more and more of those fellows. the interrogators, in MACC.

There is no doubt that the interrogators are nothing more than a bunch of sadists and racists. If you are interrogating someone, the line of questioning should lead to an issue whether it's true or false. What has race got to do with it and why the need to brand someone as "Cina bodoh"? My line of reasoning is this, if the Chinese are stupid, that would mean the Malays (especially those of UMNO) must be real smart and better than the Chinese at all levels of social standing. Therefore, why the need of the NEP if one is smart? And yet, you have that mamak telling all and sundry that the Malays are being oppressed (a very strong word indeed) by the Chinese. That makes the Chinese the colonial masters, isn't it? Actually, I don't blame the officers for being racists after all they breed down from the top, i.e. UMNO. I have been taught in leadership trainign that whatever a subordinate does, it is a mirror of the leader, and hence the saying "it breeds from the top" and these officers are no exception.

Now comes the sadistic part of the MACC officers. For RM2,400 does one need to be subjected traumatic physical and mental harm, and if that is not bad, why threaten the families
of the witnesses as well? What have they got to do with the case? The question on everyone's lips is "What about the Toyo guy with his RM24m estate?"

My question to MACC is this:
1. On what qualifications are these officers recruited? Their background?
2. Have they undergone psychiatric evaluation before taking on the job, and if not, shouldn't they be sent to one now?
3. Why is MACC staffed with Malays? In view of our country being made out of a plural society, shouldn't the recruitment of such officers have a mixed racial composition?
4. Is there a SOP on interrogation? If none, why not? If yes, can it be disclosed to the rakyat?

From day 1, UMNO fellows have been branding the protests as anti-Malay (actually more anti-UMNO).
1. You demonstrate and protest, you are anti-Malay.
2. You demand for a RCI, you are an anti-Malay.
3. When the Teoh family grieved, they are anti-Malay
4. When you want a lawyer present during a hearing, you are anti-Malay
Their paranoia has certainly gone overboard.

Zainul Arrifin Isa, Group MD of the NST Group said the Teoh's death was an accident. How did he know? Maybe he knows something that we country bumpkins don't. The strong racist remarks from him in the Berita Harian warrant every right thinking Malaysian to start boycotting the NST paper. This fellow is really a heartless SOB!

Now, let me show you what anti-Malay is -

Now even our Malay brethens have joined in the protest. Gosh, they must be anti-themselves. I would like to thank them for their fervent support.

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