Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who invented the thumb drive?

You think that the thumb drive is a Taiwanese invented product? You wrong, it was invented by a Malaysian, and now enjoying a global reach. Read more here. What a loss to Malaysia. *sigh*


  1. Yup, read this sometime back. It's a pity

  2. You know, Cheap, we could have gone to become a great nation, like Taiwan, maybe 25 years ago, if not for the BN's belief in mediocrity. Look at Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, all island states with scarce natural resources and yet they have gone on to become great nations. It is a shame, really!

  3. 5 Singapore tech inventions that rocked our world
    The Sound Blaster, Razer mouse, USB flash drive, -- all household names that have their roots in the littlest island state

    Read more: 5 Singapore tech inventions that rocked our world |

  4. Really? Read this -

    We politicize everything don't we?