Friday, July 24, 2009

Solving crimes for Dummies

I am really amazed at the way our men in blue are going about solving the TBH case, when it could be done in a straight forward manner. The process in solving the crime can be :

1. Check out from the records who were the last persons who interrogated TBH that day from 5.30 pm till 3.15 am the next day. I am sure this can be esily ascertained.
2. From here, determine who were the culprits who was responsible for TBH's death. At this point, investigators will need to establish the Where, Who, What, When and How to put the jigsaw pieces together.
3. Whoever is responsible, the police can now charge him/them on grounds of culpable homicide.
The will to act? Ahhh, that is something to think about.

From these suspects, we can even find out who issued the order to detain and question the PR state assemblymen for alleged corruption of state funds.

The crime took place at the MACC Selangor Branch office even though the body was found outside the building. Suicide can be ruled out as no one in his right mind would take his own life when he was scheduled to be married the next day and above all, the wife was already in her second month of pregnancy. That would make TBH a very happy man indeed to know he would be a husband and a father soon. Unless, of course, if MACC could prove that TBH took LSD, then stood on the window sill, turn around to tell the officers that he could fly and then jumped off.

IGP Musa said that the police have completed 60% of the investigation. The thing on my mind is how did he come by with the "60%"? Iis he telling us, that we are now 40% close to completion. Solving a crime has an open-case scenario with no absolute pattern. Therefore to pinpoint solving a murder case from point A to B is simply not possible. The next thing during any investigation, any thing could crop up unexpectedly and that would mean relegating the 60%.

The RCI? I agree with blogger Haris Ibrahim when he said, "Let's hold on to the champagne".

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