Monday, June 27, 2011

Anwar's sex video trial

There appeared to be a military precision in this trial with the DPPs, defence lawyers, court administrative staff and finally the magistrate, all actors doing their part according to the script.

Before the 'play', publicity is necessary: you have the Quran swearing in bullet-proof vest, and many video VCDs (trailers) released before the actual 'show' (trial). The mainstream media, especially Utusan Malaysia, were given rights to 'publicise' and 'promote' the play daily.

The three months' advertising blitz was about right, before the 'show' could begin. To ensure no hiccups happened due to some bad coordination, one defendant had an audience with the CEO of the show in Parliament.

And before the show began, stage props - big screen TVs- were installed. They were not supposed to choose the 'place' (court) as well as the main actor, the magistrate, but this particular CEO in Putrajaya has strong 'cables'. He got what he wanted and the show was a great success.

Does this mean the next time a porn VCD seller is caught and charged in court, they will play the seized videos on big screens? Imagine, 'Debbie Does Dallas' being shown on Court TV! Way to go, Malaysian judiciary.

Finally, the trial was to determine whether the Datuk T were guilty of an offence by screening smut in public. It was certainly not to determine whether the person on the video was Anwar or otherwise. Yet Muhyiddin had the gall to tell the BAR Council not to question the judge's decision on the case.

In any case, the trial raised more questions than provide answers.

1. Was the court case an excuse to give a one-sided charade?
2. Why didn't the judge ask for the US experts to appear in court?
3. Why wasn't Anwar's lawyer called to give a rebuttal?
4. Why were the fines so low?
5. Why were the trio allowed to pay fines later?

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