Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sam is back!

Cantopop fans, rejoice!

You will have a chance to catch the "Father of Cantopop" Sam Hui dazzling the audience once again with his evergreen Cantonese hits and soothing vocals for the fourth time since his appearance last year.

The 62-year-old singer is considered Hong Kong's very first music superstar that popularised Cantopop by merging Cantonese slang and Western-style music in his songs.

Though he is flattered by the title, he feels "there are many respectable artists before me". It is not be surprising that he is in the business due to his love of music and support from his fans.

"I enjoy the enthusiastic support and endless screams for my performance," said Hui, adding that the local cuisine is also a tempting factor that has brought him back.

"Music is like a language in my mind. I use it to communicate with my family, my friends and fans and many other people."

"People know me through music. Without music, I think I'm just like a mute."

Carving his name with his popular compositions that contain humorous lyrics like "Wealth God Has Come", the "God of Songs" has recorded over 23 Cantonese albums and four English albums that have influenced the development of the Hong Kong music industry.

"My inspirations come from my surroundings."

"I just chose to voice out these rather heavy issues in a fun way and I find that's quite an effective way to soothe and express anger and disappointment."

The multi-talented artist, who has won many notable accolades including the Gold Disc Award, also has more than 20 films on his impressive resume, having started acting before he started his singing career.

Hui can be remembered for his films like "All's Well, Ends Well Too" in 1993 with actor Leslie Cheung and "Winners Take All" in 2000 with Nicholas Tse.

Being a veteran for both music and film, one wonders how Hui manages to juggle his time between two of his favorite passions.

"For sure, that's a conscious decision - ...I like both music and movies. This consciousness is my basic motive in entering these two industries."

"If I really leave any marks, that's a bonus to me."

It was a shock when he decided to retire in the 1990s, before making a comeback in 2004 due to his evident love of performing.

Explaining his decision back then, Hui said: "Retirement is a stage in life. I thought I had come to that stage at the moment. But now as you all see, I have walked through that stage happily and entered the next level in my life."

"No matter (whether) I'm a full-time artist or not, music is always on my mind. I'll never stop writing or singing even during the 'retirement stage' in my life."

Having met so many fans in the span of 30 years of his career, Hui said: "I hope they would have their own experience - feel the atmosphere and enjoy the show with their hearts. Sing and dance and scream out as loud as they like. I have prepared the best for them all. I hope they will all enjoy the concert."

When asked about what he has lined up for his fans, Hui quipped: "Find that out in my concert. Don't spoil the surprise now."

Sam Hui Live in Concert 2011 will play at Resorts World Sentosa on July 2.

The following video clip is theme from "The Private Eye", sung in both English and Cantonese ...

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