Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whatever were they thinking?

For starters, it reeks of guilt and fear from the government. If there is no truth in what the lawyer is doing, why the extreme move to deport the lawyer? If there was any doubt in my regarding the investigation of the Scorpene deal, rest assured that it has all been put to rest.

I wonder who is advising the Malaysian PM in dealing with this issue? This action has just reduce your credibility to an even lower level (as if it was possible given that it has probably reached an all time low). I can only think of 2 reasons for your advisors to convince you to take such an extremely imbecile actions:-

1. If it is the PR company, no wonder they are charging such high price for their services.They are helping you damaging yourselves further so that they can step in for 'damage control' and convince you that you need their expertise if you wished to retain the people's support in the coming elections. See? They are doing double jobs! Malaysian Government, you have been duped! or..

2. Your advisors has the intelligence of a 3 year old (which is actually insulting to the 3 year olds) and finnesse of a bull in a china shop. May i suggest that you remove them immediately to protect your good image (Gasp! Assuming there is any left!) and cut down unnecessary expenditures on such unproductive advisors that only adds to your injury. For all we know, it may save Malaysians billions of ringgit in wastage on these advisors which coincidentally may probably be put into better use such as:-
a) buying new quality submarine that can actually function as it is meant to for legitimate purposes proposed by our Ministry of Defense
b) repair the parliament roof, the stadium roof, the newly renovated Puduraya bus station roof (by the way, may i know who is the original contractor? The quality of their work is deplorable and they should have their licenses revoked, the management charged to court for endangering lives, blacklisted from all future government contracts bids (including companies that has the same registered Directors, management teams, workers...i'm sure you know what i mean) and the government should request for refund for those works)
c) proper courses for our poor Royal Malaysian CSI teams who seems to have forgotten the SOP in conducting their work. It is pretty disgracing you know, having their own ex-Head of CSI pointing out their sloppy work in the courtroom and reported by your MSM (Times and Meloya) for all and sundry. Utterly shameful! Whatever would the world think?! (Oh yeah, i forgot. They are all duped by Jewish efforts to topple you! Their views doesn't matter as long as the people reads only local news and believes only in you!)
d) proper equipments for our poor Chemistry Department. Last heard, it seems they are unable to identify the weapons used to fire bullet into a victim's head (reported both by Times and Meloya) which puzzled your ex-Head of CSI. Maybe the department is due for some upgrading?

Oh yes, the decision maker in this whole affair should really be fired. Correct me if i'm wrong. The advisors' job is to layout the scenario and possible solutions. Isn't it the decision maker's duty to think it over before making any decision? Such disastrous decision makers will really save Malaysia a lot of trouble, grief and money as soon as we replace them.

[My Thoughts]

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