Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bersih was technologically driven

On July 10, a day after the momentous rally, I blogged about how the government have been outwitted by a new generation of communicators, the Facebook generation. Here is an article by one Lo Hai Hung [July 19] which commented on the same issue.

If you think the way the authority's handling of the July 9 Bersih rally is bad, wait until you see their responses to the rally after it had happened.

Bad is an insufficient word to describe their reactions to the rally and the subsequent allegations of police brutality against the peaceful assembly.

It's obvious that the many statements released by the CPO of Selangor, the IGP, the home minister and the health minister are in direct contradiction to the mounting video and photographic evidence spreading like wildfire on the Internet via YouTube and social networking sites.

By their statements, they have betrayed themselves as liars releasing false information with the intention of covering-up, twisting the truth and spinning stories. They are shooting their own feet on live TV.

It has even started to become comical how these ministers and senior civil servants, when confronted with the mounting evidence, are somehow able to stick to their stories with a straight face.

Many are feeling appalled at the mass denial syndrome displayed. It is as if they still live in the 80s before the days of YouTube,Facebook, and Malaysiakini. The ruling regime and the authorities have not learned their lessons. They have not caught on with the Facebook generation.

Malaysians have largely awakened politically, and the mainstream media no longer hold the monopoly of truth or news reporting. TheFacebook generation now has many more channels to access the latest news. Also, much of this information is accessed and captured not via a PC, a laptop, or a camera, but via smartphones and other mobile devices like the Ipad.

Thanks to mobile Internet technology, we no longer live in an era where government officials could get away with issuing false statements to save face and get away with it.

The people have moved into the 21st century, while our government, correction, the ruling regime it seems has not.

In afterthought, It is funny as I have just discovered an 8TV news video clip on YouTube clearly showing the FRU water cannon truck shooting water into the Tung Shin Hospital compound.

What is really ironic is that the scene was played out while the news anchor was quoting Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai's statement that the police did not barge into the hospital to arrest people but were merely sending injured demonstrators into the hospital to get treatment.

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