Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10,000 people were there to hear them speak

The third national Pakatan Rakyat convention ended on a high note on the January 14 night as an estimated 10,000 people flooded Stadium Sultan Halim, Alor Setar last night for an evening rally.

Cars were lined up on the road shoulders on the way to the stadium until as far as 2km away, but this did not deter Pakatan supporters from treating themselves to this rare ensemble of star-studded speakers in Kedah.

pakatan kedah mega ceramah 150112 crowd 2The highlight of the event was the fiery 40-minute speech that went on way past midnight from opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim,   recently victorious in the Sodomy II trial.
Anwar began his speech by explaining his absence after he was acquitted, stating that he had committed to speaking engagements in India and Turkey.

Many of his supporters in the northern states had expected him to return to his birthplace of Cherok Tok Kun after the High Court had acquitted him on charges of sodomising his former aide.

Anwar: Leave my family alone

Uncharacteristically, Anwar appealed for his enemies to stop taunting him and his family over the trial, stressing that “enough is enough”, reiterating that he was willing to forgive them.
pakatan kedah mega ceramah 150112 anwar speaking"Their revenge and hatred have not subsided. I am the one who has been jailed, stripped naked, beaten, persecuted and left without pension. But I am not angry, they are.
"They have done everything to me; kicked me around and stripped me naked, but I am willing to forgive them," he said.

"Leave us alone and please move forward," he stormed, showing signs that he may not tolerate the attacks much longer.
Earlier, PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat surprised journalists and observers with his energy and zest during his speech.

pakatan kedah mega ceramah 150112 crowd 3Nik Aziz, 81, was looking tired earlier throughout the afternoon convention.

Turning away from politics, Nik Aziz spoke on the need for better understanding among Malaysia’s different ethnic groups and for them to emulate the Kelantan experience.

"The Chinese (in Kelantan) have even donated to the mosques. When they get any financial aid from the government, they give some of the money away for our (Islamic) cause," said Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan Menteri Besar.

'Resolve Hudud law issue'

Karpal Singh at Pakatan convention KedahPrior to Nik Aziz's speech, the crowd paid rapt attention to DAP chairperson Karpal Singh as he related his experience as the lead defence counsel during the Sodomy II trial.

Karpal (right) noted the possibility of attorney-general appealing against the acquittal, but stressed that he and his legal team were ready.

As expected, Karpal briefly spoke on DAP’s objection to PAS’ hudud law ambitions without eliciting a negative response from the mostly Malay-Muslim audience.

“This is still an issue among us. We must talk and try to work it out,” he said, stressing that Pakatan must iron out such kinks before the 13th general election.

pakatan kedah mega ceramah 150112 crowd 1The stadium rally last night was a massive show of support for Kedah Pakatan, that has been relatively out of the media spotlight compared to Selangor, Perak and Penang.

But more importantly, Pakatan is attempting to show that it is indeed a united front with viable alternative policies in its bid for Putrajaya.

[Source: Mkini]

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