Monday, January 16, 2012

MeatWorks restaurant in Singapore

MeatWorks at ION Orchard Singapore on the 4th Level, is the Restaurant of Lembu - Condo Minister Shahrizat and family,serving Beef from infamous  Malaysian National Feedlot farm.

The Restaurant occupies 5000 sq ft of space, by far the biggest on that level. One can choose to be inside or outside in the podium, centre-stage or what ever you call it, where all and sundry can ogle at you when you eat. The whole set- up, meaning the decor is designed by ONG&ONG, no less ! Anyway it's OUR money, why not ?!!

The Menu boasts of beef from 300 day old grass-fed cow @ SGD80 for 250gm, 200 day old corn- fed @ SGD 50 for 220gm. NO, I did not eat there, heaven forbid! Just curious and being "kay poh." Though it is lunch time, it is empty, compared to its neighbours Taste Dynasty and Taste Paradise etc. Interestingly, MeatWorks seats 234, rather telling eh?! No? When they go under, trust the Chinaman to remove 1 seat. Anyway, why such a big outlet in a shopping Mall? Who wants to throw a banquet there for goodness sake!! Can they really fill up all those tables at one sitting? Ada otak ka? My relatives and friends in Singapore and those in Malaysia and overseas,when you are in ION ORCHARD just go and see, how our hard earned money is being squandered by the BN. Soft loan and bailout, what's new? Are they really so untouchable? Who gave them the power? Just think about it. That's all for now.

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