Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OMG, how this girl sucks up to UMNO

Although the videos have been removed by the party that first uploaded it, they have nonetheless gone viral.  Ceylyn Tay, a Gerakan councillor,  went on a tirade against Pakatan Rakyat, which among others argued that the birth of coalition had led to more racialism resulting in an undesirable "two-party system". As such, Malaysia should not have a two-party system.

The gist of her speech is as follows:

1. The Chinese community cannot expect equal treatment because they are a minority.
2. Accused the DAP of pitting the Chinese against one another using the strategy of urging voters to punish Umno by voting out MCA and Gerakan.
3. That Malaysia should not have a two-party system because the country did not possess a homogenous society, unlike the United States or United Kingdom.

Despite her actions, she was not even apologetic about the remarks made.  How sad.

On the other hand, this girl is either naive or she is just sucking up to UMNO in order to be nominated as a candidate in the coming GE.

1. The Chinese do not expect equal treatment.  The Chinese, however, do expect fair treatment as after all, aren't we too the taxpayers in this country?
2. DAP do not need to pit the Chinese against one another.   In fact, MCA and Gerakan are already doing a good job pitting against one another without the involvement of DAP.  If MCA and Gerakan wish to earn the respect of the Chinese, stop being a 'running dog' of UMNO.  Be like Lim Guan Eng. He is his own man administering a state into prosperity.
3. The US and UK are homogenous societies?  This really takes the cake, and I have no wish to dignify that statement with a response.

Gerakan have better gag her up before she does more damage to the party and the coalition.  Anyway, probably this is her swan song before the GE.

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  1. Gerakan should keep her. With candidates like her...who needs enemies. PKR can just sit and relax while they sink their own ship.