Thursday, May 7, 2009

At the Perak State Assembly as ast 11.25 am

From the frontline, the NutGraph reports:

11.25am The paper Sivakumar held up earlier was a letter by him dated yesterday, 6 May, stating his rejection of all the motions submitted to him, which are the motions to remove him, to elect a new speaker, and to change the membership of the three committees.

11.15am Sivakumar makes an announcement, holding up a paper but it is unclear what the document is. PR elected reps are re-energised. BN side proposes to adjourn the "sitting" for one hour. The House is "adjourned". BN reps go back to their seats and sit down. PR reps also take their seats and shout at BN to leave the House since they've adjourned it.

There if peace finally in the House but both sides refuse to budge from their seats. Sivakumar still in speaker's chair.

11.05am BN side is now attempting to have a debate. They are proceeding as if the House was normal. The ADUNS are still clustered around BN's Ganesan, who appears to be seated next to Hee on the left side (by convention, the Opposition side) of the speaker's chair. Sivakumar is still in the Speaker's chair. PR elected reps are shouting "Haram! Haram!" to drown out Ganesan's voice who is reading a motion. Shouting continues.

Ganesan has been given the speaker's robes.

He reads out a motion tabled by Sungai Rapat assemblyperson Hamidah Osman which is voted by the BN and the three indenpendents friendly to the BN. The motion is to change the membership of the three house committees -- standing orders, rights and privileges, and public accounts -- to put their own BN people in.

PR elected reps mostly just standing around or seated. Less shouting from them. Sivakumar is still in the speaker's chair.

10.56am State assemblyperson from MIC Datuk R Ganesan is taking his oath of office as the Perak Speaker after the motion was proposed by Zambry and seconded by Hee, and supported by all BN elected representatives and the three independents friendly to the BN. Shouts of protests by Pakatan Rakyat side.

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