Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Perak State Assembly as at 2.43 pm

From the frontline, NutGraph reports.

2.43pm The shouting betwen BN and PR Aduns continues as reps face off with each other around the Speaker Sivakumar's chair, now empty.

2.39pm Speaker Sivakumar has been physically removed by the police from his chair. He has been taken out the door.

Earlier, PR Aduns tried to block police from laying their hands on him. Ngeh Koo Ham shouted at the police to get out. The Simpang Pulai Adun has been ordered to leave the House.

2.35pm A PR Adun was pushed to the floor near the speaker's chair. Special Branch officers are also in the chamber. Everyone has crowded around Speaker Sivakumar's chair.

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