Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Perak Saga as at 10.28 am

From the front line, NutGraph reports:

10.28am Speaker V Sivakumar now says, "Saya belum dipecat. Yang dipecat itu Pangkor". Zambry is the assemblyperson for Pangkor.

"Saya minta Bentara untuk keluarkan 10 orang ini," says Sivakumar, referring to the ten BN assemblypersons he has barred from entering the House. Bentara is the House's sargeant-at-arms.

Sivakumar continues: "Dalam Dewan, Speaker bagi arahan. Kalau tak faham arahan, keluar saja."

10.20am BN's appointed Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir reads out a motion to remove Speaker V Sivakumar and all the BN state assemblypersons raise their hands to vote in support. But Sivakumar maintains he will not convene the sitting until the ten BN assemblypersons, including Zambry, leave the House. Sivakumar says he rejects the motion because Zambry has been suspended. Sivakumar repeats, "My decision is final. As long as the ten suspended assemblypersons do not leave the house, I will not convene this sitting." He shouts the same thing over and over again: "The person who brought this motion has been suspended. Ia usul yang tak sah."

10.13am Pandemonium in the Perak assembly chambers. Lots of inaudible shouting. PR state assemblypersons are thumping the tables. BN assemblypersons staying put. Raja Nazrin Shah has yet to give his address to open the sitting. He is not in the House at this juncture.

Geronimo's Take:  I believe Sivakumar has applied a good strategy.  He knows that the suspended BN ADUNs will not leave the hall.  If they do not, then the Speaker at his discretion will not convene the sitting, and if there is no assembly, the resolution to remove him does not matter anymore.  The Speaker will have no choice but to postpone the sxitting  and to convene it at a later date which he will not but to wait out the deadline of  May 13 2009 whcih will then result in a state by-election.  On the other hand, if the Speaker convenes the sitting without the presence of the suspended BN ADUNs, PR will have the majority in the state assembly.  Either way, BN loses.

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