Thursday, May 7, 2009

At the Perak State Assembly as at 2.15 pm

2.15pm: Assembly has resumed. Pakatan reps are trying to physically stop Ganesan from entering the chamber. There is a lot of pushing and shoving among the state reps. A few punches were thrown. A number of reps climb up the table. It is complete pandemonium in the assembly.

A couple of police officers are now inside the assembly to try to restore order. Pakatan reps shout at the police to leave the assembly.

2.30pm PR ADUNs line up in front of Speaker Sivakumar's chair, as if to block him from attempts to remove him physically.

Geronimo's Take:  Couple of issues I would like to bring to my readers' attention.  The first one is, as ridiculous as it seems, we now have 2 MBs and 2 Speakers in the Perak State Assembly.  Some one just passed a joke to me by asking, "Will there be 2 Sultans as well?".

The other one is an irritating issue.  With almost the entire police force away arresting every Tom, Dick and Harry for peaceful gatherings, it is no wonder that the Mat Rempits are having a jolly good time terrorising the public.  I read of a case this morning in the Star paper, where the victim (a female) was accosted by these hoodlums resulting in her falling from her motorbike.  She sustained head injuries and later, passed away.

Oh yes, the police are also now in dress fashion.  They have informed the public that black is not fashionable this week.  Kind of an eye-sore to them. They do not want tourists to have the wrong impression that the nation is in mourning..  Other colours are okay.

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