Thursday, May 7, 2009

At the Perak State Assembly at 11.37 am

From the frontline, as reported by Malaysiakini:

 A ceasefire seems to be in place. Pakatan reps are still in discussion with Mohammad Nizar while the BN reps are glued to their seats worried that Sivakumar would start the sitting if they leave the House.

11.34am: Sivakumar is questioning the legality of the decisions made by the BN side, including the decision to appoint a new speaker. He said the assembly has not officially begun as the Perak regent has yet to declare the sitting open.

He said Raja Nazrin should deliver his royal speech first before the sitting officially starts.

11.30am: "As long as I am here, the other speaker (Ganesan) is haram," says Sivakumar while attempting to start the assembly sitting. His microphone is still turned off.

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  1. The BN has an own set of rules to suit their interest.