Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How come Najib and Rafidah DID NOT become Catholic Christians?

This is my letter that appeared in the Malaysiakini.

I refer to the Malaysiakni report Christians have 'ulterior motive', says PKR's Zulkifli.

Zul, I hope you are reading Malaysiakini and will respond to the following:

1. Sabah and Sarawak have been using the word 'Allah' for 400 years and when they became part of the federation in 1963 ie, 47 years ago, you should have protested then, but instead you chose to keep quiet.

2. When the Herald started its publication in 1995, the annual permit was issued via proper channels. The officer at the home ministry must have vetted each copy of the magazine before approving the permit for the following year. You should have protested then but you chose to keep quiet.

3. Dr Mahathir Mohamad gave the green light for use of the word in 1986 but with restricted conditions. You should have protested then but you chose to keep quiet.

4. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during his tenure as prime minister gave similar consent in 2003 or thereabouts and it was all over the news. You should have protested then but you chose to keep quiet.

5. You received the Christian booklet in 2000 and for 10 years you did nothing when you should have reported the incident to the authorities against the church for proselyting amongst the Muslims. As a lawyer, you must surely be aware of such laws protecting Muslims of the land. You kept quiet all this while.

[Read the rest of my letter here]


  1. This was a comment from Malaysiakini about your article.
    by Thirumaran Muthusamy - 2 days ago

    This muslim extremist might even consider banning the word " alamak" as this may also confuse the muslims that this word mean Mother of God. I can't agree with the cliche of "confusing the muslim". Who are these people anyway to speak for the rest of the muslims ?

    to add to this...henik add on some new words soon to be banned as well :
    1. alacarte - God's cat
    2. aladdin- God's Dine
    3. alabama- God's mama
    4. our friend Hasbullah!God's bull?

  2. Henik, you guys are really something. Got to meet up you fellas up for lunch one of these days. Wakakaka!