Saturday, February 6, 2010

Missing, Missing, Missing

Every thing in this country seems to be going missing these days. Allow me to re-count:

1. The DNA samples from Anwar's trial in 1998.
2. The record of Altantuya's travel to Malaysia from the Immigration data system.
3. Private investigator as in the case of PI Bala.
4. A Mongolian model, as in the case of Altantuya.
5. Missing children.
6. Missing files and records (after Pakatan Rakyat won the 5 states, but later found shredded).
7. Two fighter jet engines (later found in Uruguay)
8. National secrets.

Anyone would like to add more to the list?
It just makes me wonder, who is actually minding the store? Are we on auto-pilot again?
May God bless this country.

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