Sunday, April 18, 2010

55 dogs an hour. This is sheer efficiency or is it??

Will the MACC- Mana Ada Corruption Commission-men investigate?
Maybe that Salak Tinggi MP should ask this question in Parliament.

After all the billions talk in PKFZ, nobody would notice a twenty thousand dog figure worth RM700K reported in The Star on
page 7 of Star Metro on Apr 1.

Thursday, April 01, 2010
Too Efficient Lah!!! Dog Day Afternoon ... (way to go for Productivity improvement)

As we are striving to improve our incomes and productivity via The NEM to replace NEP , somebody somewhere is already leading us in productivity improvement. On page M7 of The Star's Metro today, there was apparently 20,000 stray dogs caught in ONE MONTH just under the Sepang Municipal Council jurisdiction. It seems that most of the strays were rounded up in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

Two contractors were assigned to do the job. The key is that RM35 was paid for each stray rounded up. So we are talking about RM700,000 here ... 20,000 dogs divided by 30 day is 666 dogs a day (the number must be sheer coincidence) . I assume you work 12 hours a day, which meant that you must round up 55 dogs an hour, or almost 1 dog a minute.

One dog a minute!!! Even if you employ 10 people I doubt very much you can get one dog a minute, mind you, you still have to chase, round up, corner, leash them, and then haul them into the van - how the hell you do one dog a minute???

We should remember that these strays caught will have to be certified by an officer from the Sepang council's environmental health department as well, and we haven't even talked about where they were placed or how were they being treated or euthanised? I would love to see a compound with 20,000 strays because if you do it up a bit, it could be a wonderful theme park/zoo - forget Legoland or Universal Studios.

Then I will have to question, does the municipality of Sepang has even 20,000 strays... or is it another redrawing of election district borders??? Another thing is does the municipality of Sepang has even 20,000 living human beings??? Or is Sepang like New Zealand where they have more sheep than humans living there. Then I think we should try for the Guinness Book of World Records as the only bloody place on earth with more dogs than humans!!! Malaysia Boleh!!!

I shudder to think if the 20,000 figure is one month one off only or has been going on for a few months - if its the latter, then the case is pretty ridiculous, its like the RM2,000 hammer.

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