Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I believe its time to switch off the respiratory machine on MIC

Let's face it. MIC is so far gone that sooner or later, euthanasia will have to be performed. In early post-Merdeka days, UMNO, MCA and MIC could sit down at the same table and discuss issues on a consensus basis. Although UMNO would call the shots then, but they still respect the feelings of the other component parties, and thus they won the support of the various communities for years. Today, to pick a candidate for a by-election, it will have to be UMNO's choice and not MIC. If MIC were to pick a candidate, UMNO can veto the choice without blinking an eye-lid. For the Hulu Selangor campaign, it was not even a tight slap on Samy's face, but an uppercut on his jaw. After having decided on the candidate, UMNO now has the cheek to tell MIC, they must deliver the Indian votes. Where is MIC leadership at this point in time? All they can say is "Ok-lah" with their heads lowered. It is so pathetic, really.

"UMNO" giving "MIC" the uppercut

What happens if Kamalanathan wins? Najib and that Muhyiddin guy get the credit. I'll bet they will say, "You see, we were right all along. Our choice is better than yours, Samy". But what if Kamalanathan loses? MIC is bound to be blamed because they could not deliver as directed. As for MCA and Gerakan, has anyone heard from them since nomination day started? Well, the residents of Bukit Koman in Raub are looking for Yen Yen for the gold mining deal that uses cyanide, and in all likelihood, will not be showing her face there any time sooner.

However, the gathering at a grand dinner hosted by Pakatan in Hulu Selangor painted a total picture in contrast.

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  1. Why bother? It's been brain dead for a good 20 years!