Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's counter the drinking issue

So BN has gone to the good people of Hulu Selangor telling them that the Pakatan candidate, Zaid Ibrahim, is a drinker of liquor. Pakatan should now respond by coming out with pictures showing leaders of UMNO in the drinking spree as well.

According to Malaysia latest news, the two photos above are said to be Hishamuddin Hussein and his wife (second pic) during their younger days.


  1. waaa
    i think ive seen pics like this, of hishamuddin drinking too.

  2. Thanks Danial for your posting. It is very sad indeed to see UMNO stooping so low to character assassination of their opponents. By right, they should be focusing their campaign strategies on how to improve the lot of the folks in Hulu Selangor. You may even have read my posting "This banner could probably nail the BN coffin". Even BN component party leaders were shocked to see UMNO conducting themselves in such demeaning fashion.

  3. i guess rakyat diutamakan is not really their top priority