Monday, April 19, 2010

From the epicentre

As reported in on April 19 2010 at 11.14 am:

At the moment still 50-50. Before nomination, it was advantage BN at 54 – 46.

Chinese votes are solidly behind PR, this time the support may go as high as 80%. In the GE of 2008, the support of the Chinese for PR was at 70%, but, really, Perkasa, Abraham s/o Ah Lee, and those fools had done the damage and PR must say ribuan terima kasih to them.

Indian votes, still difficult to assess. During 2008 even during the tsunami, the votes were equally split 50/50. But, Zaid can at least get 3,000 votes from here! Just whom does the Indians want to represent them? MIC, Hindraf, Makkhal Sakthi, IPF, PPP, Nallakaruppan, etc.etc.? Unless the Indians unite under BN or PR, they will continue to be marginalized for at least many decades to come. They got to educate their kids, to prevent from being exploited! If they place any hopes on HRP they are as good as dead. Even, Kamalamathan said HRP/Hindraf is irrelevant, and how true!

It is the Malays who are going to decide who their wakil rakyat will be. Judging by the response to the ceramahs of BN, it is no go, where Pasir Salak and Ali Rustam spoke! Really, they have got nothing new to bring to the Rakyat in Hulu Selangor, except, that DAP is the boss in Selangor, Zaid an alcoholic, and all those personal attacks. By the way, which UMNO Ministers dare to admit their wrongs? Zaid did, and there are so many cases of UMNO Baru Ministers drinking, gambling and womanizing, the world knows except UMNO Baru politicians! One UMNO leaders who said UMNO is not behind the character assasination truly has reasons to be scared, and you know why? Will the kampung Malays be conned again? But, there are alot of smart Malays working in KL and urban areas, so they are going to do their job for PR as well. If PR manage to get 40% of the Malay votes, they are very much in business, and a win is surely in the bags. PAS and PKR should work harder for the Malay votes. One advantage now for PR, is PAS, PKR and other Malay activists are now actively holding ceramahs in Felda schemes, remote villages and also to the orang Asli. This is going to affect BN’s vote bank at Felda. And the issue at Felda was exploited to the hilt by Zaid, who knows the problem in Felda. PR to win good amount of votes here at the expense of UMNO Baru!

It is still early days. Still 50-50!

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